Petrol Price in pakistan 10 June 2022

New Petrol prices are expected to rise by up to Rs.50 by June 15,16 in Pakistan

New petrol prices are being considered for another hike. The government may once again decide to make a major increase in petrol prices for the poor people of Pakistan. New petrol prices are expected to rise by up to Rs 50 by June 15,16 2022.

In May, the government increased petrol prices by more than Rs 30, for the first time in Pakistan’s history. Under the previous government, petrol prices did not increase much but people still said that petrol was becoming more expensive. People say that the price of petrol has become so high that a poor man now thinks ten times to visit his relatives.

After the huge increase in petrol prices, people have reduced the flow of petrol. This month saw a 30% drop in petrol sales which, if continued, could bring petrol prices back to normal.

Consideration is being given to increasing petrol prices from June 10 to June 15 and 16, 2022. Petrol has become very expensive in the world market so the price of new petrol may cross Rs 250 per litre.

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