petrol price in Pakistan 1 June 2022

Petrol Prices can be Increased in June 2022 to 220 Per Litre

At present, according to May 2022, the price of petrol in Pakistan has gone up to Rs 179 per litre and in June 2022, it is possible to increase the price of petrol by another Rs 30.

Some agencies say the government may have to increase petrol prices by up to Rs 50 to negotiate with the IMF. On June 1, 2022, the price of new petrol can be from Rs 210 per litre to Rs 250 per litre.

The change of government in Pakistan has led to a sharp rise in petrol prices. To improve the situation, Pakistan was asked to borrow from the IMF, but the IMF set some conditions. The IMF says the government will have to increase the price of petrol by another Rs 60 to Rs 70 per litre. The IMF will then come to the negotiations. It may be recalled that during the rule of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, petrol prices were fixed at Rs 149 per litre.

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