Petrol Prices in Pakistan April 2022

The price of petrol prices in Pakistan in April 2022 was not changed by the order of PM Pakistan IMRAN KHAN. The current petrol price in Pakistan as of April 2022 is 149.86 per litter and the high-speed diesel price in Pakistan is 144.15. Here are the details of the Petrol price in Pakistan in April 2022.

PRODUCTOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Change (PKR)
High-Speed Diesel (HSD)144.15144.150
Kerosene Oil125.56125.560
Light Diesel Oil (LDO)118.31118.310
Petrol Price in Pakistan April 2022

According to the order of the Prime Minister, petrol prices cannot be reduced for 3 months and after April 2022, there may be further reduction in petrol prices in the market. In view of the current situation, the prices of petrol in the world market have gone up a lot but the present government of Pakistan has fixed the prices of petrol at the same price to provide relief to the people.

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