Light Diesel Oil Price in Pakistan

Light Diesel Oil Price In Pakistan Today On 16-06-2024 Is 161.17 PKR per Litre as per the official notification issued by Oil And Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on 16 May, 2024 for the next 15 days.

Below, you’ll find the latest updates on the price of Light Speed Diesel (LSD) in Pakistan. Our pricing table reflects the most recent changes in light speed diesel rates, taking into account factors such as currency fluctuations and international crude oil prices, which influence the fuel prices in the country. Stay tuned to PetrolPrice.Pk for real-time updates on the cost of light speed diesel to efficiently manage your fuel expenses.

Price w.e.f 16-May-2024

Product NameNew PriceOld PriceDifference
Light Diesel OilRs.161.17/LtrRs.168.71/Ltr-7.54

Light Diesel Oil Price History in Pakistan:

In addition to providing current prices, we also offer insights into the historical trends of Light Diesel prices in Pakistan. Our comprehensive price history table showcases the fluctuations in LSD rates over the past months, enabling you to track price trends and make informed decisions regarding fuel consumption and expenditure.

Uses of Light Diesel Oil in Pakistan:

Light Diesel Oil serves as a crucial fuel source in various sectors across Pakistan. From powering industrial machinery and agricultural equipment to fueling generators and commercial vehicles, Light speed diesel oil plays a vital role in sustaining economic activities and ensuring energy security. Its affordability and efficiency make it a preferred choice for many businesses and individuals, contributing significantly to the country’s energy landscape.


  1. What is Light Diesel Oil (LDO)?
    • Light Diesel Oil (LDO) is a type of fuel derived from the distillation process of crude oil. It is lighter and less dense compared to other diesel fuels, making it suitable for specific applications.
  2. Where is LDO used?
    • LDO is primarily used in engines with an rpm (revolutions per minute) less than 750, such as boilers, furnaces, and certain types of power generators. It is also commonly utilized in construction machinery and off-road equipment with medium-speed engines.
  3. What are the main applications of LDO?
    • LDO serves as a combustion agent in asphalt plants, particularly in construction and off-road equipment with medium-speed engines. It is also used in power generation, industrial boilers, and vessels with high and medium-speed engines.
  4. What is the difference between diesel and LDO?
    • LDO is heavier and denser than regular diesel oil. It is primarily used in furnaces or for power generation purposes. Diesel, on the other hand, is lighter and used in combustion engines, including those found in cars and trucks.
  5. Which vehicles use Light Diesel Oil?
    • Light Diesel Oil is commonly used in locomotives, ships, heavy equipment, and certain types of off-road vehicles. It is not typically used in standard automobiles or cars.
  6. Can Light Diesel Oil be used in cars?
    • No, Light Diesel Oil is not suitable for use in standard cars. It is unrefined and has a thicker consistency compared to regular diesel fuel. Cars typically require high-speed diesel, which is more refined and suited for automotive engines.
  7. Is Light Diesel Oil suitable for heating purposes?
    • Yes, LDO can be used for heating applications, such as in furnaces and boilers. Its lower rpm requirement makes it suitable for generating heat in industrial and residential settings.
  8. How does the price of Light Diesel Oil compare to regular diesel?
    • Generally, Light Diesel Oil tends to be cheaper than regular diesel due to its lower refining process and specific applications. However, prices may vary based on factors such as market demand, production costs, and government regulations.
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