LPG Price In Pakistan

LPG Price In Pakistan Today On 21-04-2024 Is 256.42 PKR per KG as per the official notification issued by Oil And Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on 16th April, 2024 for the next 15 days.

Welcome to our dedicated LPG price page, where we provide you with the latest daily rates and historical data for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Pakistan. LPG, a versatile and widely used fuel consisting primarily of propane and butane, is stored as a liquid under pressure and converted to gas for various applications.

In households, LPG is commonly used for cooking, heating and electrical appliances such as water heaters. Additionally, it serves industrial purposes, facilitating heating, drying and powering machinery.

Our page offers comprehensive insights into LPG prices, enabling you to track fluctuations, analyze trends and make informed decisions regarding energy consumption and budgeting. By exploring LPG price history, you gain an understanding of market dynamics and factors that affect prices over time.

Fuel Prices w.e.f 16-April-2024

Stay updated with the latest LPG rates in Pakistan to manage your energy needs effectively. It is worth noting that due to the high prices of petrol in Pakistan, many people have started using LPG to fuel their vehicles. LPG offers better mileage than petrol, making it a cost-effective option for motorists. Embrace the benefits of LPG and be aware of its pricing to effectively optimize your energy consumption and budget.

History Of LPG Price In Pakistan

Explore the historical trajectory of LPG pricing in Pakistan through our concise overview. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has been a significant energy source in Pakistan, serving various sectors including households, industries, and transportation.

Here’s a brief history table outlining the evolution of LPG prices in Pakistan:

DateLPG Price (PKR per kg)
April 2024 (Current)286.42 PKR/KG (Current)
March 2024286.42 PKR/KG
February 2024257.54 PKR/KG
January 2024256.42 PKR/KG
December 2023254.86 PKR/KG
November 2023251.03 PKR/KG
October 2023260.98 PKR/KG

FAQs About LPG Prices in Pakistan

1. What is LPG, and how is it used in Pakistan?

  • LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, a versatile fuel comprising primarily propane and butane. In Pakistan, LPG finds extensive use in households for cooking, heating, and powering appliances like water heaters. It also serves industrial purposes, facilitating heating, drying, and machinery operation.

2. How frequently are LPG prices updated in Pakistan?

  • LPG prices in Pakistan are updated regularly, usually on a daily basis. Our dedicated page provides you with the latest rates and historical data to help you track fluctuations and make informed decisions about energy consumption and budgeting.

3. What factors influence the fluctuation of LPG prices in Pakistan?

  • Various factors contribute to the fluctuation of LPG prices in Pakistan, including international market trends, changes in government policies, currency exchange rates, and supply-demand dynamics within the country.

4. Can LPG be used as a fuel for vehicles in Pakistan?

  • Yes, due to the high prices of petrol, many people in Pakistan have started using LPG as a fuel for their vehicles. LPG offers better mileage than petrol, making it a cost-effective option for motorists.

5. How does the price of LPG in Pakistan compare to other energy sources like petrol or diesel?

  • Generally, LPG tends to be more affordable than petrol or diesel in Pakistan. It offers consumers a cost-effective alternative for meeting their energy needs, especially in households and industries.

6. Are there any subsidies or assistance programs available for LPG consumers in Pakistan?

  • The government of Pakistan occasionally offers subsidies or assistance programs to support LPG consumers and mitigate the impact of price fluctuations on household budgets. But right now government of Pakistan is not offering any subsidy of LPG prices.

7. How can consumers track the historical trajectory of LPG prices in Pakistan?

  • Our page provides a concise overview of the historical trajectory of LPG prices in Pakistan. By exploring the historical data, consumers can gain insights into market dynamics and factors influencing price fluctuations over time.

8. What are the advantages of using LPG over traditional fuels in Pakistan?

  • Using LPG offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, better mileage for vehicles, and reduced environmental impact due to lower emissions compared to traditional fuels like petrol or diesel.

9. How can consumers effectively manage their energy consumption and budget with LPG prices in Pakistan?

  • By staying updated with the latest LPG rates and trends, consumers can effectively manage their energy consumption and budget. They can also explore energy-efficient appliances and practices to optimize their usage and save costs.

10. Is LPG pricing consistent across all regions of Pakistan?

  • LPG prices may vary slightly by region in Pakistan due to factors such as transportation costs and local regulations. However, our page provides comprehensive insights into regional variations, enabling consumers to make informed decisions.
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